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Foreigners to start businesses in Tokyo

In order to create an environment that makes it easy for foreigners to start businesses in Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will provide foreign entrepreneurs with management support, etc., by combining loans from financial institutions and management support before and after financing.We are pleased to inform you that we will start accepting applications for support from Tuesday, June 28th.

1 Main conditions for support recipients Foreign entrepreneurs who meet all of the following conditions

・Business plans must be certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Policy Planning Bureau).

・ Less than 5 years have passed since the date of establishment in Japan.

・Must have a status of residence that does not restrict business activities.

・Be a representative of a corporation that has its head office or main office in Tokyo.

2. Loan conditions

Loan limit:

15 million yen or less (working capital: 7.5 million yen or less)

Repayment period:

10 years or less (with a grace period of 3 years or less)

Loan interest rate: Fixed interest rate:

2.7% or less


Corporate representative (in principle), or No


No collateral

Using Support In order to receive support for this project, it is necessary to have the business plan approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Policy Planning Bureau).

Should you have any queries, or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.







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